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São Paulo, Brazil


Growth hacking at QuintoAndar

QuintoAndar is a technology company that enables a seamless rental experience from discovery to closing. Through the intensive use of technology and design, we are reinventing the entire rental process, from one end to the other, to allow the kind of customer experience that we wish for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business model that is unique in the whole world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

Your job is to help us leverage existing and emerging distribution channels, online and offline, as well as to optimize all steps of our conversion funnel. You will be part of a cross-functional growth squad helping design and implement several growth oriented initiatives such as:

Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because 1) we value diversity and would welcome foreign candidates, and 2) if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the whole world.

This position is for the Sao Paulo office.


Please only apply if you fulfill these:

We strongly prefer candidates that:


You'll be solving a real problem. Something that affects many millions of people.

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